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2007-06-03 Sun @ 11:58 p.m.

TOW Daily Top Ten 6/3

Not written in eons.
Probably should tho.

Best I can come up with
Daily Top Ten

1) i work for an incompetent money-focused Italian hothead who makes more than 40 hours a week a serious unhappiness for me.

2) i lost 2 fatty frogs between yesterday and today. They were the 2 largest, the females. Alphas, as we called them. They were over 3 years old. And some hardy little suckers. i have no idea what killed them.

3) Central Perk (click the big logo below) is now on a new server and stable. If we can get a few buggy things debugged, i hope we should be set. Building a bigger membership will be next. Altho this has brought some traffic.

4) Since the beginning of the year, i haven't fluctuated by any more than 5 lbs. It is frustrating.

5) i do my nails every Sunday, or every other sunday. Up this week: Neon Pink.

6) Every work day is struggle to convince myself i dont need to quit, when i know i do.

7) If i dont get on that damn elephant (read: treadmill) soon, i am going to be sorry. True, a month ago i gave my ankle a pretty good sprain, but seriously, the elephant is needing the attention.

8) i am going to see Kathy Griffin on 6/27! i remembered thinking once when i was watching her show that if she came to town i would see her. and a monthish ago, i heard the commercial that tickets were going to be sold. i think we got great seats. Mom, Sarah (cousin) and Mario (token gay, which is a requirement at a Kathy show) are going.

9) i am waiting to hear about one new job for real, and one that could be real. Waiting, waiting. All i seem to do it wait. i hate waiting. i have no patience for it. (yeah dad, i know)

10) J is my rock. It is good to have a rock and love a rock.

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