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2007-06-14 Wed @ 12:30 a.m.

The One Where I Was Rear-Ended (And Not In A Good Way)

The guy that I hired and who has reported to me for two years was given a new job today. And I learned this from him. Not the other manager.

This doesn't even make sense to me, even tho I am really happy for him since I have been talking him up for weeks to gear others to push this position in his direction. So my influence is deep, but respect, nonexistent.

So I gotta go. Work is a just nightmare ... of which I wake up from on Friday, 7/6. Fun way to celebrate my Father's birthday.

BTW, I have no new job. I gave it a shot tho. Had 2 serious interviews: the first one I lost to an MBA and the second hasn't made any decisions about wtf they are doing. (They just released their Pdirector.. remember Carlos from yesterday?)

But eating mac & cheese every night seems like a dream compared with the stress this company puts me under. And after all the times I have been laid off (3), I know I will find another job. It won't be easy, to be sure, but easier than continuing to work in hell. Plus, thinking of having a month or so off makes me damn near giddy!

But now, I leave work, 2-3 times a week for at least the last month, and cry. No, not cry, wail. Typically, as soon as I get to my car, since I have been generally holding it in for hours. (I tend to cry when I get mad.) This exact thing happened to me today. And I snuck out 5 minutes early, soon after a ridiculous downpour.

So I get to the stop light. Stop. The car in front of me goes a car length or so then slams on the brakes for a pedestrian that wasn't even close to being in his way. I stop. I look in my rear view mirror, all seemed fine, I look ahead and *squeeek* BOOM.

What is the first thing I think? "OH SHIT!"

It took me a second to get myself together, and then I thought "I hope my bumper isn't in my trunk."

It wasn't. He didn't hit me that hard. My 2 license plates lights popped out (but didn't break), and there are 2 big scrapes, but not too much outwardly damage. We pulled off into a parking lot and when I got out I burst into tears. He said "ma'am, are you OK??�" all concerned-like, and I replied "I'm fine, I was crying before you hit me!� I got his info and he couldn't have been nicer... except for that fact that he hit me!

I might have to call in sick tomorrow. You know, whiplash.

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