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2007-06-12 Tue @ 11:36 p.m.

The One With The Sopranos Ending & A Smaltimore Story (+Yo!)

First off, the Sopranos.

Seriously, in that 5 to 8 seconds (depending on where you read) of startling silence, I felt like David Chase's hand reached thru the TV and backslapped me across the face!

Unbelievable! It wasn't an ending. It was as tho us fans don’t deserve a real ending.

Fuck you. He's dead. Tony was shot dead as a doornail by the members only hitter coming out of the bathroom. Guaranteed.

I am so glad we could clear that up.

Next up... a Smaltimore story.

I went out today to the Free Store to donate some stuff that was screaming to be released from my undersized house. On the way there, I called the HeadHunterDude I am currently working with to obtain freelance support for my (imploding) company. Turns out this is the same headhunter-company that placed me in this job (which means I love them and hate them). Anyway, I call him, and he was in a meeting. Then I called Carlos, who is my oooold friend from a job a long time ago. He didn’t answer his phone. I left a message saying "you don’t have a job, why aren’t you answering the phone!" (He just got fired by another mercurial advertising agency owner after 10 years of rockin service.)

So later, Carlos calls me back and I was in a meeting so he left me a message saying he was with a headhunter in an interview. So I call him back, and was like "were you with TheHeadHunter?"


“Were you interviewing with HeadHunterDude?”


Smaltimore, I tell you.

One last thing, I need to give a shout-out to Yo! I am going to miss you Biffy! That Y better treat you right!!!

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